Supabet Agents

Supapartners is the affiliate program for Supabets and all of their associated brands. They provide a one-wallet system where their brands are able to earn from every player that they refer. They provide links, subscription emails, banners and promotional text among other things. Superpartners is offering their clients the chance to get involved by applying to become agents. Clients can apply to become agents by filling out the application form provided on their website.
In order to qualify to become a Supapartners agent, candidates need to be able to pay a security deposit at a minimum of N20,000. They also need to have an office, shop, sports bar or viewing centre in a busy area. Some of the equipment that agents require include a desktop computer or laptop, a good internet connection and a thermal connection. Supabets provide laptops and computers if agents do not already have one. To provide virtual dog and horse racing, agents are required to buy a decoder costing N100,000. They will need a computer for their cashier, a barcode scanner and a thermal printer. All equipment can be obtained through Supabets. Agents are provided with all information about commission and rates once they send their application through.

Merrybet Agents

Merrybet is one of Nigeria’s most reliable and exciting sport betting companies. Their aim is to provide a professional, functional and efficient sport betting platform and also to provide the best quality bookmaking service to their esteemed customers. Sports betting has become extremely popular in Nigeria and Merrybet is offering their clients the chance to get involved and put their entrepreneurial skills as well as passion for sport into play. Merrybet is looking for people with a zeal to succeed and are registering new agents all across Nigeria. They already have a large number of kiosks and shops operating throughout Nigeria.
In order to be a Merrybet agent, clients need to have a desktop or laptop computer with over 1GB of ram, an office printer to print daily games, a thermal printer for printing game receipts(can be provided by Merrybet at a fee) and an office space or kiosk(Merrybet offers special customized kiosks). They also need to be able to pay a registration fee of N30,000. Agents are authorized to top-up players’ accounts and earn good commission. They can also top-up Perfect Money accounts for betting and earn commission, place bets for customers on a daily basis and earn 30% of profits weekly.
Clients can register to become Merrybet agents by filling out the application form on their website. Merrybet will require information such as how much an agent wishes to earn, what they currently earn, what they currently do and how they feel about sports and sport betting.

Golden Bets Agents

Golden Bets is a Nigerian betting company offering fixed odds betting and a premier suite of games. They offer online betting or betting through any of their agents and shops. They currently have 13 active agents situated all across Nigeria. The popularity of sports betting is rapidly growing in Nigeria and Golden Bets offers their clients the chance to become involved by applying to be a Golden Bets agent.
In order to become a Golden Bets agent, candidates need to have an interest in sport and sport betting, have an active bank account and have access to the internet and know how to use it. Candidates will need to sign an agreement with the company agreeing with their terms and a staff member will visit the business premises to give an induction before authorizing bets to be accepted on the system. Agents can have more than one shop which will operate under one account and will be responsible for all staff under them. All commission is computed on an agreed percentage upon sign-up. Commission is based on a flat percentage rate on gross ticket sales for premier games and commission for fixed bet sales is a percentage of profit generated from ticket sales on every match concerned. Golden Bets will incur the losses on any matches and agents will not be paid for that match. Commission on average is 9% of turnover and if agents are able to sell tickets valuing in N50000 weekly, they will earn N45000 commission on average. All commission on fixed bets are accredited automatically after every match and commission on premier games is credited every Monday morning when results are sent out. Once agents receive their commission, they can either use it to sell more tickets or they can transfer it to their card and cash at the bank.
Agents need to have computer hardware that allows them to access the internet, an internet connection and a ticket printer. Tickets printers are a must-have, as all customers need tickets to show evidence of playing and winnings. Agents also need to invest in trading capital which will determine the amount of tickets they can sell. Agents are advised to invest an amount that will be compatible with their sales target. As long as agents comply with the company regulations, they will always earn their commission on the basis of agreed rates.
Payments can be handled online through the Golden Bets website using credit cards, or physically at a Golden Bets bank branch. They have bank accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) in Nigeria.

Bet9ja Agents

Sports betting has grown considerably in popularity in Nigeria and Bet9ja are one of the most innovative market leaders with more agencies opening every week. They provide everything an agent will need to start their own agency including products, training and a support network. Agents can feel confident in offering their customers the chance to play on over 5000 events a month, providing great bonuses and the best odds. Their franchise program is based on many years of experience and they provide professional, comprehensive and trustworthy service. Their processing of commission and payments is fast and reliable. Nigeria is experiencing a boom in sports betting and Bet9ja offers clients the chance to become involved and reap the benefits by applying to be a Bet9ja Agent.
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Bet9ja is calling all entrepreneurial-minded sports fans who are interested in opening an independent sport betting business. They have hundreds of outlets already operating in Nigeria and provide a market leading product and a trustworthy business model. Some of the benefits of becoming a Bet9ja agent include commission rates on turnover for every printed ticket, over 5000 events for the most popular sports every week, partners with leading sports betting software in Europe, partnership with Victor Ikpeba, all risk and customer losses paid by Bet9ja, constant development of new betting products, integrated online betting systems, set-up support for hardware, technical support on-site and via telephone, on-site support from the Bet9ja field staff and a free introductory event and training course to prepare agents for the opening of their betting shop.
In order to become a Bet9ja agent, clients need to have appropriate business premises, basic business knowledge, enthusiasm for sport and sport betting, be self-motivated, friendly and hard-working, have an open attitude and ability to communicate and have customer and service orientation.
There are 8 steps to becoming a Bet9ja agent. These steps are:

1. Obtaining possible premises.
2. Submitting documents to Bet9ja commercial staff.
3. Document and location check by Bet9ja.
4. In-person introductory conversation with field staff.
5. Verification of premises.
6. Signing of agent contract.
7. Preparing the shop with the help of professional staff.
8. The shop opening.
To become a Bet9ja agent, complete the registration form provided on their website.

9jaPredict Agents


9jaPredict is a sports betting platform operating in Nigeria and offering some of the latest predictions in football games as well as a great supply of predicts on all major sports. They offer a wide variety of sports, some of the best customer service in the industry, fast deposit methods, quick payouts, many bet types, some of the biggest odds and a website that is fast, flexible, easy and modern. Sport betting is rapidly growing in popularity in Nigeria and 9jaPredict offers their clients the chance to reap some of the benefits by becoming a 9jaPredict agent. They supply their agents with equipment to make their business grow while at the same time reducing costs. They also provide prompt payouts with a huge capital base and bear all losses alone while sharing the profits with their agents.
To apply to become an agent, clients can contact one of the 9jaPredict staff or by filling out and submitting the application form provided on their website. In order to qualify to become an agent, clients need to have access to a fast broadband internet connection. They also need to complete and verify documentation and sign an agent contract. They require a selling point as well as necessary systems such as computers, paper, thermal printers etc. Agents need to have a well-located shop that will need to be branded correctly with 9jaPredict attire. The premises need to be properly furnished according to the company’s quality compliance standards. 9jaPredict can also replace any dying businesses or compliment any viewing centres, sports bars, barber salons or internet cafes.
Payments with 9jaPredict can be handled online using credit cards or at any of their banks. Accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard credit cards. They have bank accounts with Zenith Bank, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, First Bank, Fidelity Bank, UBA Bank, Skye Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank and FCMB Bank.