Golden Bets Agents

Golden Bets is a Nigerian betting company offering fixed odds betting and a premier suite of games. They offer online betting or betting through any of their agents and shops. They currently have 13 active agents situated all across Nigeria. The popularity of sports betting is rapidly growing in Nigeria and Golden Bets offers their clients the chance to become involved by applying to be a Golden Bets agent.
In order to become a Golden Bets agent, candidates need to have an interest in sport and sport betting, have an active bank account and have access to the internet and know how to use it. Candidates will need to sign an agreement with the company agreeing with their terms and a staff member will visit the business premises to give an induction before authorizing bets to be accepted on the system. Agents can have more than one shop which will operate under one account and will be responsible for all staff under them. All commission is computed on an agreed percentage upon sign-up. Commission is based on a flat percentage rate on gross ticket sales for premier games and commission for fixed bet sales is a percentage of profit generated from ticket sales on every match concerned. Golden Bets will incur the losses on any matches and agents will not be paid for that match. Commission on average is 9% of turnover and if agents are able to sell tickets valuing in N50000 weekly, they will earn N45000 commission on average. All commission on fixed bets are accredited automatically after every match and commission on premier games is credited every Monday morning when results are sent out. Once agents receive their commission, they can either use it to sell more tickets or they can transfer it to their card and cash at the bank.
Agents need to have computer hardware that allows them to access the internet, an internet connection and a ticket printer. Tickets printers are a must-have, as all customers need tickets to show evidence of playing and winnings. Agents also need to invest in trading capital which will determine the amount of tickets they can sell. Agents are advised to invest an amount that will be compatible with their sales target. As long as agents comply with the company regulations, they will always earn their commission on the basis of agreed rates.
Payments can be handled online through the Golden Bets website using credit cards, or physically at a Golden Bets bank branch. They have bank accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) in Nigeria.