Merrybet Agents

Merrybet is one of Nigeria’s most reliable and exciting sport betting companies. Their aim is to provide a professional, functional and efficient sport betting platform and also to provide the best quality bookmaking service to their esteemed customers. Sports betting has become extremely popular in Nigeria and Merrybet is offering their clients the chance to get involved and put their entrepreneurial skills as well as passion for sport into play. Merrybet is looking for people with a zeal to succeed and are registering new agents all across Nigeria. They already have a large number of kiosks and shops operating throughout Nigeria.
In order to be a Merrybet agent, clients need to have a desktop or laptop computer with over 1GB of ram, an office printer to print daily games, a thermal printer for printing game receipts(can be provided by Merrybet at a fee) and an office space or kiosk(Merrybet offers special customized kiosks). They also need to be able to pay a registration fee of N30,000. Agents are authorized to top-up players’ accounts and earn good commission. They can also top-up Perfect Money accounts for betting and earn commission, place bets for customers on a daily basis and earn 30% of profits weekly.
Clients can register to become Merrybet agents by filling out the application form on their website. Merrybet will require information such as how much an agent wishes to earn, what they currently earn, what they currently do and how they feel about sports and sport betting.