Supabet Agents

Supapartners is the affiliate program for Supabets and all of their associated brands. They provide a one-wallet system where their brands are able to earn from every player that they refer. They provide links, subscription emails, banners and promotional text among other things. Superpartners is offering their clients the chance to get involved by applying to become agents. Clients can apply to become agents by filling out the application form provided on their website.
In order to qualify to become a Supapartners agent, candidates need to be able to pay a security deposit at a minimum of N20,000. They also need to have an office, shop, sports bar or viewing centre in a busy area. Some of the equipment that agents require include a desktop computer or laptop, a good internet connection and a thermal connection. Supabets provide laptops and computers if agents do not already have one. To provide virtual dog and horse racing, agents are required to buy a decoder costing N100,000. They will need a computer for their cashier, a barcode scanner and a thermal printer. All equipment can be obtained through Supabets. Agents are provided with all information about commission and rates once they send their application through.